CD or USB Thumb Digital eBook Edition

CD or USB Thumb Digital eBook Edition

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This is the Bible written FOR YOU! You will find your name nearly 6,400 times in the parables of Jesus, in conversation between the Apostles, in the beautiful songs written by King David, and throughout the rest of the Bible. Over 12,000 personalizations just for you will bring the Bible to life as never before.

A personalized example of John 3:16:

For God so loved Kimberly, that he gave his only begotten Son, that if Kimberly believeth in him, Kimberly should not perish, but Kimberly should have everlasting life.

Read a few of these powerful testimonies:

Kimberly from North Carolina - "It is my personal love-letter from the Father!"

Mary from Texas - "It [the Word] comes alive...I'll use it for the rest of my life."

Clay from North Carolina - "Personalizing Scripture in the Bible is absolutely key to countless breakthroughs in the mind and life of a believer."

Cynthia from Texas - "I am a Pastor's wife...I'll get enjoyment and insight for years to come from this Personalized Edition of the Bible!"

After you complete the form you will be mailed your own personalized edition of My Personalized Devotional Bible, Complete - CD or USB Thumb Digital Edition

The My Personalized Devotional Bible is based on the King James Version of the Word.  

Your copy of the Bible will be personalized with your First Name, Last Name, and Gender. (Please specify the male or female personalization option on the form.)

$9.99 (FREE shipping). Orders normally ship within 24-36 hours (except weekends).

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She loved it!

I purchased this devotional journal for my best friend. She fell in love with it from the very first page...her words exactly...”Oh my gosh! My name is on every page!” Which followed with her texting pictures of the journal with her name on each page and many thank yous. I’m so glad it put a big smile on her face, just when she needed it.


I received A journal for Christmas from my family. I so enjoy it and want my friends to have one to enjoy.


Tulip Delight - Personalized Journal


These journals were beautiful and great gifts. Loved them!


I have not seen it and the person I am giving it to as a gift has not received it yet.