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Mission Statement

Partner with us today and together we will change the world!

By purchasing a My Personalized Bible or making a donation you will help us provide for missionaries, fund outreach programs, and operate My Personalized Bible, all with the goal of spreading the Word of God and sharing the name of Jesus with the world.

We are currently providing...

1. Free Personalized Bibles to individuals, non-profits, and organizations across the country.

2. Free online access to the complete Bible to people across the world. 

3. Prayer for people over the phone, online, and in person with life-changing results.

My Personalized Bible aka Savior Connect Inc. is a registered IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible as a charitable contribution.

How We Began

A special message from Diane Dunn, a key member of My Personalized Bible, about how this project came to be:

People have asked us to share how My Personalized Devotional Bible came about, and I’m excited to tell our story.

You will be amazed by the hand of God’s grace as I reveal how He guided my family over many years to bring this UNIQUE and INSPIRING project to fruition.

When I was entering my teens (in the early 1970s), my mother began personalizing scriptures for me. I still treasure my childhood Bible with John 3:16 personalized in her handwriting.

Soon, I began to personalize additional verses in my Bible, often writing the date beside each one. Those personalized verses made the Bible mine, as if the Lord was speaking directly to me.

Over the years, I assembled a collection of personalized verses, and I wanted to do something more with them. Posters. Mouse pads. Bookmarks. Coffee mugs. However, it wasn’t until my husband, a book editor and educator, retired that things took off.

“Let me work on that,” he offered. He researched promise verses from each book of the Bible, took the ones I’d collected over the years, and the project exploded. Eventually he asked me to review what he’d put together, and I was astonished that he’d found amazing and powerful verses to personalize in every book of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments!

I knew from a child that the Bible was filled with the promises of God, but I had no idea that John 3:16, the original verse my mom had personalized for me when I was a girl, would someday become this incredible personal devotional tool.

My son (Steven Dunn, the founder of Savior Connect Inc.) looked at what my husband had done and knew this was too powerful to keep to ourselves, and he began exploring ways to make this empowering adaptation of the Holy Bible available to everyone.

Our free digital download of My Personalized Devotional Bible was eventually born.

Exploratory feedback revealed that a printed version was essential. People wanted to take notes, underline verses, and do more than was possible with the digital version. The best format was a loose-leaf design, a unique product for a personalized devotional Bible that would allow additional pages with notes or references to be inserted anywhere in the Bible, something no one else was doing.

We now offer the verses I treasured as a child (and thousands more!) on posters, mouse pads, bookmarks, and coffee mugs, all pulled directly from My Personalized Devotional Bible.

God has led us down an amazing road to create a unique set of products that allows us to share the truth of God’s Word in a new and meaningful way, and I appreciate the opportunity to share it with you.

-Diane Dunn